Our Founder

Rev. Fr. Joseph Puthenpura of Jalandhar Diocese is the founder President of ACRCI.

It was Fr. Joseph Puthenpura who tried with the idea of gathering all Catholic Rehabilitation centres of India for the first time. He tried to contact all centres through the Bishops of India. He wrote letters regarding this to all Bishops and Dioceses. Though many did not reply, several special schools and rehabilitation centres responded and with the support of Most Rev. Archbishop Anil Couto, he organized a three days programme at Holy Trinity Regional seminary in Jallandhar. That was the first meeting of ACRCI.

It was in this meeting that the formation of ACRCI took place. Fr. Joseph was elected as the first president and a team was elected to assist him to organize further meetings and strengthen the Association at the national and regional levels and register it as a Society. Under his able leadership three more national meetings and a series of regional meetings were organized.